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Alexander Jones' Publications

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Errata to: A Portable Cosmos: Revealing the Antikythera Mechanism, Scientific Wonder of the Ancient WorldJones, Alexander
2005Euclid, the Elusive GeometerJones, Alexander
1993Evidence for Babylonian Arithmetical Schemes in Greek Astronomy.Jones, Alexander
1-Mar-1930Finden sich in Böhmen noch Spuren der alten Mediatio und Duplatio?Vetter, Quido
2021The Funeral Stele of Heliodora, AstrologerBagnall, Roger; Callaway, Cathy; Jones, Alexander
1999Geminus and the IsiaJones, Alexander
2021Globes and Sundials: On a Statuette of Atlas Found at Tor Paterno (Soane M1254)Evans, James; Jones, Alexander
2020Greco-Roman Sundials: Precision and DisplacementJones, Alexander
2013Greek Astronomical Tables in the Papyrus Carlsberg Collection (with associated fragments from other collections).Perale, Marco; Jones, Alexander
1997A Greek Papyrus Concerning Babylonian Lunar Theory.Jones, Alexander
1984A Greek Saturn Table.Jones, Alexander
1991Hipparchus’s Computations of Solar Longitudes.Jones, Alexander
2000The Horoscope Casters.Jones, Alexander
1999The Horoscope of Proclus.Jones, Alexander
2012Horoscope. (P. Berol. 11831).-
2006IG XII, 1 913: An Astronomical Inscription from Hellenistic Rhodes.Jones, Alexander
2016Inscriptions of the Antikythera MechanismAntikythera Mechanism Research Project; Allen, M.; Ambrisco, W.; Anastasiou, Magdalini; Bate, D.; Bitsakis, Yanis; Crawley, A.; Edmunds, Michael G.; Gelb, D.; Hadland, R.; Hockley, P.; Jones, Alexander; Mangou, H.; Malzbender, T.; Moussas, Xenophon; Ramsey, A.; Seiradakis, John H.; Steele, John; Tselikas, Agamemnon; Zafeiropoulou, Maria
2020Instruments - Observations - Theories: Studies in the History of Astronomy in Honor of James EvansJones, Alexander; Carman, Christián
2016Interpolated Observations and Historical Observational Records in Ptolemy’s AstronomyJones, Alexander
2010John P. Britton (1939-2010)Jones, Alexander