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Antikythera Mechanism Fragment B early photos from Rehm Nachlass

Authors: Anonymous
Subject Keywords: Greek astronomy;Greek technology;Antikythera Mechanism
Date of digital object: 2019
Date of object depicted: 200 - 50 BCE
Technical designation of object: Athens National Archaeological Museum X 15087
Language: grc
File format: TIFF
Technical specifications: Scan from microfilm in Price archive, Adler Planetarium, Chicago
Rights: Public domain
Appears in Collections:Antikythera Mechanism

Files in This Item:
File Description SizeFormat 
Antikythera Mechanism B1 1905.tifAntikythera Mechanism B1 190529.43 MBTIFFView/Open
Antikythera Mechanism B1 nd.tifAntikythera Mechanism B1 nd29.43 MBTIFFView/Open
Antikythera Mechanism B2 1905 cropped.tifAntikythera Mechanism B2 1905 cropped29.43 MBTIFFView/Open
Antikythera Mechanism B2 1905.tifAntikythera Mechanism B2 190529.43 MBTIFFView/Open
Antikythera Mechanism B2 nd.tifAntikythera Mechanism B2 nd29.43 MBTIFFView/Open

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