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Intergenerational Home Sharing and Public Benefits: Barriers and Potential Solutions

Authors: Gonzales, Ernest
Levy, Nicole
Whetung, Cliff
Kruchten, Rachel
Keywords: Intergenerational home sharing;Public Benefits
Issue Date: 30-Mar-2021
Citation: Gonzales, E., Levy, N., Whetung, C., & Kruchten, R. (March, 2021). Intergenerational home sharing and public benefits: Barriers and potential solutions. The Center on Health and Aging Innovation at NYU. Brief Number 2020002.
Abstract: Intergenerational home sharing matches community dwelling older adults who have spare rooms (“hosts”) to share with graduate students (“guests”). NYU has partnered with New York Foundation for Senior Citizens to match older and younger adults through an algorithm that assesses the best match based on geographic, financial, and personal preferences. The objectives of this intergenerational home sharing program are to a) promote economic security among younger and older adults, b) bolster the ability to age-in-place and age-with-community, c) foster intergenerational cohesion, and d) increase social capital between generations.
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