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Calibration Data

Authors: Sebastian Koch
Yurii Piadyk
Markus Worchel
Marc Alexa
Claudio Silva
Denis Zorin
Daniele Panozzo
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: Images of a real scene taken with a camera commonly differ from synthetic images of a virtual replica of the same scene, despite advances in light transport simulation and calibration. By explicitly co-developing the scanning hardware and rendering pipeline we are able to achieve negligible per-pixel difference between the real image taken by the camera and the synthesized image on geometrically complex calibration object with known material properties. This approach provides an ideal test-bed for developing data-driven algorithms in the area of 3D reconstruction, as the synthetic data is indistinguishable from real data and can be generated at large scale. Pixel-wise matching also provides an effective way to quantitatively evaluate data-driven reconstruction algorithms.
Description: Calibration data for physical scans including camera and projector calibrations. A sample scan of the flat calibration board is also included for accuracy testing.
Rights: CC BY 4.0 License
Appears in Collections:Hardware Design and Accurate Simulation for Benchmarking of 3D Reconstruction Algorithms

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projector_intrinsics.zip22.47 GBUnknownView/Open
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