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Rounded dataset

Other Titles: Fast and Exact Root Parity for Continuous Collision Detection
Authors: Wang, Bolun
Ferguson, Zachary
Schneider, Teseo
Jiang, Xin
Attene, Marco
Panozzo, Daniele
Issue Date: 22-Feb-2022
Description: Dataset of rounded CCD queries from our work "Fast and Exact Root Parity for Continuous Collision Detection." CCD queries are stored as Rational CSV files (see for more details).
Appears in Collections:Large Scale Benchmarks for Continuous Collision Detection

Files in This Item:
File Description SizeFormat 
rounded-ccd-queries-handcrafted.tar.gzHandcrafted2.63 MBRational CSVsView/Open
rounded-ccd-queries-simulation-chain-edge-edge.tar.gzSimulation (Chain - Edge-Edge)2.01 GBRational CSVsView/Open
rounded-ccd-queries-simulation-chain-vertex-face.tar.gzSimulation (Chain - Vertex-Face)473.99 MBRational CSVsView/Open
rounded-ccd-queries-simulation-cow-heads.tar.gzSimulation (Cow Heads)1.19 GBRational CSVsView/Open
rounded-ccd-queries-simulation-golf-ball.tar.gzSimulation (Golf Ball)1.14 GBRational CSVsView/Open
rounded-ccd-queries-simulation-mat-twist.tar.gzSimulation (Mat-Twist)812.04 MBRational CSVsView/Open

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