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Creating New Audiences for Digital Objects Through University-Museum Collboration

Authors: Wrisley, David Joseph
Guéville, Estelle
Cappelletto, Niccolò Acram
Keywords: digital GLAM;Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR);university-museum collaboration;Louvre Abu Dhabi
Issue Date: Apr-2022
Publisher: Sharjah Museums Authority
Citation: Wrisley, David Joseph, Estelle Guéville, Niccolò Acram Cappelletto. (2022). Creating New Audiences for Digital Objects Through University-Museum Collboration. In Museums in the MENA Region Journal. 3: 61-63.
Abstract: This article discusses the Paris Bible Project (PBP), an initiative that started during the pandemic between the Louvre Abu Dhabi (LAD) and New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD), with a professional relationship between researchers on Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, turned virtual. This inter-institutional partnership has proven to be a vibrant scholarly exchange, with a growing list of participation in international conferences and papers. In this article, we argue that by studying digitized objects from the museum, not only do researchers break new ground in their fields of study, but the museum objects they study also gain new audiences.
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