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The UX of DH Workshops

Authors: Russell, Beth
Wrisely, David
Keywords: digital humanities;Winter Institute in Digital Humanities;WIDH;User centered design;UX;NYU Abu Dhabi
Issue Date: 9-Feb-2023
Publisher: Routledge
Abstract: This chapter focuses on using user-centered (UX) design to plan and host digital humanities workshops of a globally diverse character in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In our chapter, we frame our design through a usability lens, using common UX principles such as persona development, edge case design, inclusive design, future-forward feedback and agile methodologies. In doing so, we demonstrate the value of using an empathetic, community-driven approach in designing an event that not only addresses the digital humanities needs of our attendees but provides a safe, respectful and collegial space for the exchange of interests and ideas. We outline strategies used to incorporate UX in the planning and development of the Winter Institute in Digital Humanities (WIDH); incorporating UX into WIDH itself; using UX principles to assess WIDH and finally how to balance UX and agility in planning for the unknown.
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