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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Dec-2008Network-Based Marketing: Identifying Likely Adopters via Consumer NetworksHill, Shawndra; Provost, Foster; Volinsky, Chris
28-Mar-2011Online Active Inference and LearningAttenberg, Josh; Provost, Foster
2005Pointwise ROC Confidence Bounds: An Empirical EvaluationMacskassy, Sofus; Provost, Foster; Rosset, Saharon
1-Jun-2003Predicting citation rates for physics papers: Constructing features for an ordered probit modelPerlich, Claudia; Provost, Foster; Macskassy, Sofus
26-Sep-2011Pseudo-social network targeting from consumer transaction dataMartens, David; Provost, Foster
1-Jan-2003The Relational Vector-space ModelBernstein, Abraham; Clearwater, Scott; Provost, Foster
10-Sep-2010Repeated Labeling Using Multiple Noisy LabelersIpeirotis, Panagiotis G.; Provost, Foster; Sheng, Victor; Wang, Jing
1-Mar-2001Robust Classification for Imprecise EnvironmentsProvost, Foster; Fawcett, Tom
2005ROC Confidence Bands: An Empirical EvaluationMacskassy, Sofus; Provost, Foster; Rosset, Saharon
2005ROC Confidence Bands: An Empirical StudyMcskassy, Sofus; Provost, Foster; Rosset, Saharon
2004Simple Models and Classification in Networked DataMacskassy, Sofus; Provost, Foster
19-Nov-2008A Simple Relational ClassifierProvost, Foster; Macskassy, Sofus
14-Sep-2007Social Network Collaborative FilteringZheng, Rong; Provost, Foster; Ghose, Anindya
22-Oct-2008Social Network Collaborative FilteringZheng, Rong; Wilkinson, Dennis; Provost, Foster
2005Suspicion scoring based on guilt-by-association, collective inference, and focusedMcskassy, Sofus; Provost, Foster
7-Nov-2008Telecommunications Network DiagnosisDanyluk, Andrea; Provost, Foster; Carr, Brian
22-Dec-2009Toward optimal allocation of human resources for active learning with application to safe advertisingAttenberg, Josh; Provost, Foster
Apr-2005Towards Intelligent Assistance for a Data Mining Process:-Provost, Foster; Hill, Shawndra; Bernstein, Abraham
17-Nov-2008Tree Induction for Probability-based RankingProvost, Foster; Domingos, Pedro
13-Dec-2001Tree Induction vs Logistic Regression: A Learning Curve AnalysisPerlich, Claudia; Provost, Foster; Simonoff, Jeffrey S.
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