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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Sep-2010Analyzing the Amazon Mechanical Turk MarketplaceIpeirotis, Panagiotis G.
6-Mar-2006Classification-Aware Hidden-Web Text Database SelectionIpeirotis, Panagiotis G.; Gravano, Luis
10-Mar-2010Demographics of Mechanical TurkIpeirotis, Panagiotis G.
8-Oct-2007Deriving the Pricing Power of Product Features by Mining Consumer ReviewsArchak, Nikolay; Ghose, Anindya; Ipeirotis, Panagiotis G.
2006The Dimensions of Reputation in Electronic MarketsGhose, Anindya; Ipeirotis, Panagiotis G.; Sundararajan, Arun
6-Sep-2006Duplicate Record Detection: A SurveyElmagarmid, Ahmed; Ipeirotis, Panagiotis G.; Verykios, Vassilios
2-Sep-2008Estimating the Socio-Economic Impact of Product Reviews: Mining Text and Reviewer CharacteristicsGhose, Anindya; Ipeirotis, Panagiotis G.
6-Mar-2008Get Another Label? Improving Data Quality and Data Mining Using Multiple, Noisy LabelersSheng, Victor; Provost, Foster; Ipeirotis, Panagiotis G.
23-Jun-2006Modeling and Managing Changes in Text DatabasesIpeirotis, Panagiotis G.; Ntoulas, Alexandros; Cho, Junghoo; Gravano, Luis
1-Dec-2010Modeling Dependency in Prediction MarketsArchak, Nikolay; Ipeirotis, Panagiotis G.
1-Oct-2008Modeling Volatility in Prediction MarketsArchak, Nikolay; Ipeirotis, Panagiotis G.
8-Mar-2008A Quality-Aware Optimizer for Information ExtractionJain, Alpa; Ipeirotis, Panagiotis G.
21-Sep-2009Relevance-based Retrieval on Hidden-Web Text Databases without Ranking SupportHristidis, Vagelis; Hu, Yuheng; Ipeirotis, Panagiotis G.
10-Sep-2010Repeated Labeling Using Multiple Noisy LabelersIpeirotis, Panagiotis G.; Provost, Foster; Sheng, Victor; Wang, Jing
28-Oct-2006Towards a Query Optimizer for Text-Centric TasksIpeirotis, Panagiotis G.; Agichtein, Eugene; Jain, Pranay; Gravano, Luis
27-Jun-2008Understanding, Estimating, and Incorporating Output Quality Into Join Algorithms For Information ExtractionJain, Alpa; Ipeirotis, Panagiotis G.; Gravano, Luis; Doan, Anhai
Showing results 1 to 16 of 16