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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2016Airborne laser scanning data storage and indexing: state-of-the-art reviewVo, Anh-Vu; Laefer, Debra F.; Bertolotto, Michela
28-Sep-2018Automatic Bridge Deck Damage Using Low Cost UAV-based ImagesTruong-Hong, Linh; Chen, Siyuan; Cao, Van Loi; Laefer, Debra F.
Feb-2018Automatic extraction of road features in urban environments using dense ALS dataSoilán, Mario; Truong-Hong, Linh; Riveiro, Belén; Laefer, Debra F.
2005Determining disaster data management needs in a multi-disaster contextHarris, Elizabeth A.; Rasdorf, William J.; Laefer, Debra F.
25-Mar-2015Dynamic Amplification of an Orthotropic, Multi Span Bridge Deck under Moving Truck with Tandem AxlesFisli, Youcef; Rezaiguia, Abdelouahab; Guenfoud, Salah; Laefer, Debra F.; Kaddeche, Mounia
21-Dec-2017Dynamic Analysis of an Annular Plate Resting on the Surface of an Elastic Half-Space with Distributive PropertiesGuenfoud, S.; Bosakov, S.V.; Rezaiguia, Abdelouahab; Laefer, Debra F.
25-May-2017The effect of angles and distance on image-based, three-dimensional reconstructionsChen, Siyuan; Laefer, Debra F.; Byrne, Jonathan; Natanzi, Atteyeh S.
5-Mar-2016Effect of sludge pH and treatment time on the electrokinetic removal of aluminum from water potabilization treatment sludgeCherifi, Mouna; Boutemine, Nabila; Laefer, Debra F.; Hazourli, Sabir
May-2018Laser Scanning-Based Diagnostics In The Structural Assessment Of Historic Wrought Iron BridgesGyetvai, Nora; Truong-Hong, Linh; Laefer, Debra F.
May-2018Lessons Learned with Laser Scanning Point Cloud Management in Hadoop HBaseVo, Anh-Vu; Konda, Nikita; Chauhan, Neel; Aljumaily, Harith; Laefer, Debra F.
Jun-2017Maximizing feature detection in aerial unmanned aerial vehicle datasetsByrne, Jonathan; Laefer, Debra F.; O'Keeffe, Evan
5-Jun-1996Measurement of Grout Injection Efficacy for Stone Masonry WallsLaefer, Debra F.; Baronio, Giulia; Anzani, Anna; Binda, Luigia Ada
13-Sep-2017Oculus Rift Application for Training Drone PilotsO'Keefe, Evan; Campbell, Abraham; Swords, David; Laefer, Debra F.; Mangina, Eleni
18-Jun-1994Prediction of low level vibration induced settlementKim, Dong-Soo; Drabkin, Sergey; Rokhvarger, Anatoly; Laefer, Debra F.
Jul-2019Temperature-induced Chemical Changes in Soundless Chemical Demolition AgentsNatanzi, Atteyeh S.; Laefer, Debra F.; Kakali, Glikeria; Zolanvari, S.M. Iman
Aug-2017Temperature-related performance factors for chemical demolition agentsHuynh, Minh Phuoc; Laefer, Debra F.; McGuill, Jenny; White, Aisling
16-Jan-2019UAV Bridge Inspection through Evaluated 3D ReconstructionsChen, Siyuan; Laefer, Debra F.; Mangina, Eleni; Zolanvari, Iman; Byrne, Jonathan
15-Nov-2016Uncertainty analysis of the effect of grout injection on the deformation of multi-wythe stone masonry wallsIsfeld, Andrea C.; Moradabadi, Ehsan; Laefer, Debra F.; Shrive, Nigel G.
Sep-2017Urban Point Cloud Mining Based on Density Clustering and MapReduceAljumaily, Harith; Laefer, Debra F.; Cuadra, Dolores
1-Nov-2016Use of negative stiffness in failure analysis of concrete beamsAl-Sabah, Salam; Laefer, Debra F.
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