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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Different YearsYosef Keller; Sholom Secunda
-Dona, DonaAaron Zeitlin; Sholom Secunda
-EternalHayim Levick; Sholom Secunda
-Executive Committee of the Jewish Chorus Union of America (1937) with a group of chorus girls of the Yiddish theaters;Sitting: Jacob Himelstein, Lottie Alma, Misha Zwiback(Financial Secretary), Isidor Shuchat (President), Willie Secunda (Treasure), Rose Doller, Sam Levin.Sholom Secunda
-Founders of the Society of Jewish Composers. Standing - Abe Ellstein, Joseph Brody, the lawyer Joseph Steinberg, Harry Lubin, the lawyer A.E. Moskowitz. Sitting- Alexander Olshanetsky, Joseph Rumshinsky, Sholom SecundaSholom Secunda
-Get InvolvedSholom Secunda; Sholom Secunda
-Gypsy SongSholom Secunda
-Hard to be a JewSholom Secunda
-How Hard it is for a Man to Take Leave of his FriendsSholom Secunda
-Joseph Rumshinsky's production of Avrom Goldfadn's Shulamis for the Lexicon of the Yiddish Theater (Public Theater, New York, Dec. 4, 1929)Sholom Secunda
-Laugh and Be HappyJacob Jacobs and Isidore Lillian; Sholom Secunda
-Let it Still be SabbathHyman Rosenblatt; Sholom Secunda
-Molly Picon and Leon Liebgold in Yiddle with a FiddleSholom Secunda
-My Jewish GirlAnshel Schorr; Sholom Secunda
-My Yiddish GirlAnshel Shorr; Sholom Secunda
-Oscar Green (center) with his two guest artists from Europe, Paul Baratov and Rudolph ZaslawskySholom Secunda
-Out of the depths (of my despair)Hayim Levick; Sholom Secunda
-Sabbath, SabbathIsrael Rosenberg; Sholom Secunda
-Scrape, Fiddler, ScrapeChaim Tauber; Sholom Secunda
-SlavitaSholom Secunda
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