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Unexpectedness as a Measure of Interestingness in Knowledge Discovery

Authors: Padmanabhan, Balaji
Tuzhilin, Alexander
Keywords: Interestingness of Patterns;Unexpectedness;Beliefs;Belief-driven Rule Discovery
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: Stern School of Business, New York University
Series/Report no.: IS-97-06
Abstract: Organizations are taking advantage of "data-mining" techniques to leverage the vast amounts of data captured as they process routine transactions. Data-mining is the process of discovering hidden structure or patterns in data. However several of the pattern discovery methods in datamining systems have the drawbacks that they discover too many obvious or irrelevant patterns and that they do not leverage to a full extent valuable prior domain knowledge that managers have. This research addresses these drawbacks by developing ways to generate interesting patterns by incorporating managers' prior knowledge in the process of searching for patterns in data. Specifically we focus on providing methods that generate unexpected patterns with respect to managerial intuition by eliciting managers' beliefs about the domain and using these beliefs to seed the search for unexpected patterns in data. Our approach should lead to the development of decision support systems that provide managers with more relevant patterns from data and aid in effective decision making.
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