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Authors: Isakowitz, Tomas
Stohr, Edward A.
Issue Date: 13-Jul-1992
Publisher: Stern School of Business, New York University
Series/Report no.: is-92-22
Abstract: There is a need for integrated access to a wide range of information related to the development and use of DSS in organizations. This information comes in many forms, both formal and informal, and is highly interrelated. To handle this complex information base, we argue that a separate relationship management component should be added to the three traditional components of a DSS (namely, the database, user interface and model management systems). The role of the relationship management component is to relieve DSS application programs of the need to maintain and provide access to the complex set of relationships that can exist between elements in the application domain. We discuss the kinds of information and relationships that arise during the development and use of a DSS, outline the requirements for an independent subsystem to manage this information base, and propose the use of an extended hypertext software system, H+, to simultaneously handle relationship management and provide an interesting and useful interface to users.
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