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PLANET: An Intelligent Decision Support System for Resource Planning in Manufacturing Organizations

Authors: Dhar, Vasant
Pople, Harry E.
Issue Date: May-1985
Publisher: Stern School of Business, New York University
Series/Report no.: IS-85-24
Abstract: This paper describes a problem solver called PLANET that has been developed in collaboration with a large computer manufacturing company to assist planning managers with the formulation and maintenance of planning models for resource allocation. PLANET is equipped with the primitives that enable it to preserve much of the richness of the process of the planning activity, namely, the generation of symbolic alternatives, and for the expression of domain specific knowledge which enables it to synthesize these alternatives into an overall planning model. This knowledge is maintained in a “meta-model.” In contrast to modeling systems which allow for parametric perturbations of an algebraic model, PLANET's meta-model provides it with the capability for systematic variations in the symbolic model assumptions, with concomitant structural variations induced in the algebraic model that reflect the interdependencies of those assumptions. Whenever previously held assumptions change, PLANET uses the existing model as a point of departure in formulating the revised plan. In this way, the program is able to take cognizance of the ongoing nature of organizational problem solving, and can serve an important decision support function in maintaining and reasoning about evolving plans.
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