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dc.contributor.authorJohn, Kose-
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dc.description.abstractWe examine how different economies would design an optimal corporate governance system structured from three of the main mechanisms of corporate governance (managerial ownership, monitoring by banks, and disciplining by the takeover market). We allow for interactions among the mechanisms. The first set of results characterizes the combination of governance mechanisms that can appear in any optimally designed structure: 1) when monitored debt appears in an optimal system it is accompanied by concentrated ownership, and 2) when takeovers appear in an optimal system they are accompanied by diffuse ownership. We show that out of the numerous governance structures that could arise from combinations of the governance mechanisms, only three are candidates for an optimal system. These three endogenously derived governance structures match the prevalent systems (family based, bank based and market based) in the world. The optimal system for a given economy is characterized as a function of the degrees of development of its financial institutions and markets. Our analysis yields several testable implications.en
dc.titleDESIGN OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: Role of Ownership Structure, Takeovers, and Bank Debten
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