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The Residential Real Estate Brokerage Industry: What Would More Vigorous Competition Look Like?

Authors: White, Lawrence J.
Keywords: Residential real estate;brokerage;commissions;competition;multiple listing service
Issue Date: 6-Apr-2006
Series/Report no.: EC-06-06
Abstract: The residential real estate brokerage industry represents a troubling instance of false appearances. Though the numbers of sales agents and brokerage firms, plus easy entry, would appear to offer the promise of vigorous competition, actual practices in the industry have caused reality to fall substantially short of the potential. After recounting the history of the transition of the securities industry from fixed and non-competitive stock brokerage commissions to far more vigorous competition, I draw on that experience to describe what vigorous competition in the residential real estate brokerage industry would look like. I also suggest public policy measures that would help bring about more vigorous competition.
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