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Ex Ante Bond Returns and the Yield Curve

Authors: Jacob, Boudoukh
Richardson, Matthew
Smith, Tom
Whitelaw, Robert F.
Issue Date: 29-Mar-1996
Series/Report no.: FIN-96-017
Abstract: We provide a test of the liquidity preference hypothesis (i.e., the monotonicity of ex ante term premiums), conditioning on the shape of the yield curve. The approach we use is general, and does not require a structural model for conditional expected returns. Using nonparametric estimates, the evidence supports previous conclusions in the literature regarding time-varying negative term premiums. For example, in periods in which the term structure is downward sloping, we find that the premiums can be significantly negative and are often monotonically decreasing in maturity. Interestingly, in these periods the volatility of the term premium is still increasing in maturity, indicating that bond return volatility is not a priced risk.
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