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The Effects of Deregulation on the Performance of Financial Institutions: The Case of Spanish Savings Banks

Authors: Kumbhakar, Subal C.
Lozano-Vivas, Ana
Lovell, C. A. Knox
Hasan, Iftekhar
Issue Date: 1999
Series/Report no.: FIN-99-064
Abstract: This paper examines the impact of regulatory reform on the performance of Spanish savings banks. To this end it uses panel data for the period 1986-1995 and a flexible variable profit function that incorporates time-varying technical efficiency. The focus is whether increased competition brought on by deregulation affected performance of banks over time. Bank performance, measured by the percentage change in profitability, ceteris paribus, is decomposed into technical change and change in technical efficiency both of which are defined in terms of the profit function. We also examine output technical efficiency, which is defined in terms of the production possibility frontier. Several alternative models with different specifications of technical efficiency are used to check robustness of the results. Empirical results show declining levels of output technical efficiency along with a significantly high rate of technical progress. In spite of declining technical efficiency during this period, we find evidence of an increasing trend in productivity growth.
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