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Mandatory Disclosure and Operational Risk: Evidence from Hedge Fund Registration

Authors: Brown, Stephen
Goetzmann, William
Liang, Bing
Schwarz, Christopher
Keywords: Hedge funds;operational risk;SEC filing;Form ADV
Issue Date: 2007
Series/Report no.: FIN-07-031
Abstract: Mandatory disclosure is a regulatory tool intended to allow market participants to assess operational risk. We examine the value of disclosure through the controversial SEC requirement, since overturned, which required major hedge funds to register as investment advisors and file Form ADV disclosures. Leverage and ownership structures suggest that lenders and equity investors were already aware of operational risk. However, operational risk does not mediate flow-performance relationships. Investors either lack this information or regard it as immaterial. These findings suggest that regulators should account for the endogenous production of information and the marginal benefit of disclosure to different investment clienteles.
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