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dc.contributor.authorVinopal, Jennifer-
dc.description.abstractThis paper, given at the Digital Library Federation's Project Managers' Group meeting on 5/4/2009, explains why it is difficult and inefficient to manage multiple 'one-off' projects. NYU's Digital Library Technology Services is currently working to identify common, core project activities and workflows and to then design tools or processes that can be reused across multiple projects.en
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dc.rightsThe presentation 'Abstracting Project Activities to Create Generalizable Processes and Workflows,' by Jennifer Vinopal, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license (CC BY 3.0). View License: If you have questions about this item or the collection, contact
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dc.subjectDigital Libraryen
dc.titleAbstracting Project Activities to Create Generalizable Processes and Workflowsen
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