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Preventing crimes against women: are stringent laws the only solution?

Authors: Puniyani, Ram
Keywords: Women's studies;Gender and sexuality;Rape;Gender inequality;Communal violence;Law;Legislation
Issue Date: 4-Jan-2013
Publisher: Voice Bangladesh
Description: "All this emerges from the patriarchal value system, which is an accompaniment of sectarian politics. While demanding for strong punishment against the criminals, one hopes the issues raised by this upsurge will be channelized to go to the deeper causes of this phenomenon and will also come to challenge the politics which is based on caste and gender hierarchy, the communal politics. This politics, which can come in the garb of any religion, is detrimental to the rights and status of women. The need is not to look at women as someone who need protection and respect as the subordinate being, but to work towards a society where women have control over their lives, where women are not the weaker sex, but one amongst the two equal sexes. One wishes the infinite pain and anguish of this upsurge will come to challenge the deep set norms of patriarchy in our society. Lets hope we don’t have to hang our head in shame again."
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