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Title: Stratified reference: the common core of distributivity, aspect, and measurement
Authors: Champollion, Lucas
Keywords: linguistics;semantics;algebraic semantics;aspect;boundedness;collectivity;distributivity;mass;measurement;mereology;monotonicity;plural;partitives;telicity
Issue Date: Oct-2015
Publisher: de Gruyter
Citation: Champollion, Lucas (2015). Stratified reference: the common core of distributivity, aspect, and measurement. Theoretical Linguistics. Volume 41, Issue 3-4, Pages 109–149, ISSN (Online) 1613-4060, ISSN (Print) 0301-4428, DOI: 10.1515/tl-2015-0008, September 2015
Abstract: Why can I tell you that I 'ran for five minutes' but not that I *'ran to the store for five minutes'? Why can we talk about 'five pounds of books' but not about *'five pounds of book'? What keeps you from saying *'sixty degrees Celsius of water' when you can say 'sixty inches of water'? And what goes wrong when I complain that *'all the ants in my kitchen are numerous'? The constraints on these constructions involve concepts that are generally studied separately: aspect, plural and mass reference, measurement, distributivity, and collectivity. This paper provides a unified perspective on these domains and gives a single answer to the questions above in the framework of algebraic event semantics.
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