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Causers of Traffic Accidents in Each Emirate of the United Arab Emirates, 2001

Authors: Data Services, Bobst Library
Keywords: Traffic safety and wildlife;Traffic accidents;Automobiles--Collision damage;Traffic accident investigation
Description: This polygon shapefile represents the causers of road or traffic accidents and gender of the driver in each of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates for 2001. The causers of traffic accidents are classified as misuse of traffic, ignoring compulsory lanes, entering road before traffic clearance, not leaving enough space, jumpring red signal, excessive speed, negligent driving, tyre (tire) burst, and others. The original dataset was collected by the UAE government and hosted on It was joined to the UAE administrative district level 1 boundaries from the Global Administrative Areas database by Taylor Hixson in 2018. This dataset is only to be used for academic purposes.
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