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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2018Mapping the Relationship between Education Reform and Power-Sharing in and after Intrastate Peace Agreements: A Multi-Methods StudyFontana, Giuditta
Aug-2018Fifi the Punishing Cat and Other Civic Lessons from a Lebanese Public Kindergarten SchoolAbu El-Haj, Thea Renda; Kaloustian, Garene; Wesley Bonet, Sally; Chatila, Samira
Aug-2018Book Review: Youth in Postwar Guatemala: Education and Civic Identity in Transition by Michelle J. BellinoRodríguez-Gómez, Diana
Aug-2018Pathways to Resilience in Risk-Laden Environments: A Case Study of Syrian Refugee Education in LebanonAbu-Amsha, Oula; Armstrong, Jill
Aug-2018The Politics of Education in Iraq: The Influence of Territorial Dispute and Ethno-Politics on Schooling in KirkukShanks, Kelsey
Aug-2018Journal on Education in Emergencies: Volume 4 (Complete)Abu El-Haj, Thea Renda; Kaloustian, Garene; Wesley Bonet, Sally; Chatila, Samira; Abu-Amsha, Oula; Armstrong, Jill; Fontana, Giuditta; Loader, Rebecca; Hughes, Joanne; Petroska-Beshka, Violeta; Tomovska Misoska, Ana; Shanks, Kelsey; Giles, Wenona; Dunlop, Emily; Naidoo, Jordan; Robiolle, Tina; Rodríguez-Gómez, Diana
Aug-2018The Borderless Higher Education for Refugees Project: Enabling Refugee and Local Kenyan Students in Dadaab to Transition to University EducationGiles, Wenona
Aug-2018Book Review: (Re)Constructing Memory: Education, Identity, and Conflict edited by Michelle J. Bellino and James H. WilliamsDunlop, Emily
Aug-2018Book Review: Transitional Justice and Education: Learning Peace by Clara Ramírez-Barat and Roger DuthieRobiolle, Tina
Aug-2018Book Review: Child Migration and Human Rights in a Global Age by Jacqueline BhabhaNaidoo, Jordan