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Gallagher et al. 2019 - Phonotactic restrictions and morphology in Aymara

Authors: Gallagher, Gillian
Issue Date: Nov-2018
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exp1_1-10.zipExp1, participants 1-10 sound files106.77 MBUnknownView/Open
exp1_11-21.zipExp1, participants 11-21164.12 MBUnknownView/Open
exp2_1-10.zipExp2, participants 1-10 sound files367.51 MBUnknownView/Open
exp2_11-21.zipExp2, participants 11-21 sound files148 BUnknownView/Open
experiment1.csvExp1, results38.13 kBUnknownView/Open
experiment1_stimuli.zipExp1, stimuli3.99 MBUnknownView/Open
experiment2.csvExp2, results61.03 kBUnknownView/Open
experiment2_stimuli.zipExp2, stimuli7.24 MBUnknownView/Open

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