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LiDAR Tile T_977000_170000 for Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY, 2019

Authors: Debra F. Laefer
Anh-Vu Vo
Keywords: Cities and towns;Urban density;Urban development;Cities and towns--United States;Remote Sensing;Community development, Urban;Land use, Urban
Description: This record contains aerial laser scanning (ALS) and photogrammetry data that corresponds to tile 977000_170000 and is one part of data that was collected over an area of about 1.0 km² in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY in April, 2019. Each tile package includes one LiDAR Point Cloud file in LAZ format. Future data releases will include 16 hyperspectral data files. In this 2019 Sunset Park collection, billions of laser points were acquired (inclusive of partially covered areas). ALS was carried out by contractors using a RIEGL LMS-Q680i LiDAR Scanner and an ITRES MicroCASI 1920 Hyperspectral Camera. The average flying altitude was approximately 1000 feet above ground level with a total of 85 flight paths (45 diagonal, 40 orthogonal). This package is one of 157 generated tiles. This dataset was harvested to obtain high accuracy representations of the urban environment that can be used as a basis for urban informatics research and various practical applications, including digital mapping for auto navigation, pedestrian wind modeling, disability access optimization, solar modeling, and disaster mitigation. The data can also be used as a spatial skeleton for gaming, VR/AR, and special effects in films, as well as for understanding non-remote sensing data such as noise, pollution, and many classes of dynamic data. For full information on this data, consult the documentation and metadata. See the source dataset for a guide to the entire collection. A collection-level manifest of SHA-256 checksums is available in the nyu-2451-60458-manifest.json file, within the preservation record. Users may also find a stable link to this collection at and may download the collection in bulk via an NYU-provisioned Globus endpoint (see instructions in the metadata). This data is released with an Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.
DOI: DOI: 10.17609/4cpx-2h33
Appears in Collections:Spatial Data Repository

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