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Authors: Wang, Bolun
Schneider, Teseo
Hu, Yixin
Attene, Marco
Panozzo, Daniele
Issue Date: 2020
Appears in Collections:Exact and Efficient Polyhedral Envelope Containment Check

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meshes.tar.gzaa1.02 GBUnknownView/Open
meshes.tar.gzab1.02 GBUnknownView/Open
meshes.tar.gzac1.02 GBUnknownView/Open
meshes.tar.gzad1.02 GBUnknownView/Open
meshes.tar.gzae1.02 GBUnknownView/Open
meshes.tar.gzaf1.02 GBUnknownView/Open
meshes.tar.gzag1.02 GBUnknownView/Open
meshes.tar.gzah1.02 GBUnknownView/Open
meshes.tar.gzai1.02 GBUnknownView/Open
meshes.tar.gzaj170.19 MBUnknownView/Open

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