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Winn's How To Play Ragtime

Other Titles: Instruction Book No. 2 Winn Method of Popular Music
Authors: Winn School of Popular Music
Keywords: Music, Piano, Ragtime, Jazz, Instruction, New York, Winn's School of Popular Music
Issue Date: 1921
Publisher: Winn School of Popular Music
Abstract: "Shows how to convert ANY piece of piano music into the most intricate, complex syncopated ryythm at sight and furnishes a complete course for the highest technical and artistic performance of Single and Double Ragtime IN PROFESSIONAL STYLE."
Description: Instructional musical scores for piano.
Rights: "Copyright 1913, 1915, 1917, 1921 by Edward R. Winn, International Copyright Secured. Copyright Canada 1921 by Edward R. Winn, All Rights Reserved"
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