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Facsimiles of astronomical and astrological papyri from Papyrus grecs du Louvre et de la Bibliothèque Impériale (P.Par.)

Authors: Letronne, Antoine Jean
Brunet de Presle, W.
Subject Keywords: Greek astronomy;papyrology;Greek astrology
Date of digital object: 2021
Date of object depicted: 1866
Technical designation of object: P.Par. 1 "Ars Eudoxi" or "Eudoxus Papyrus"
P.Par. 19 Horoscope
P.Par. 19bis Horoscope
Language: grc
File format: JPEG images 600dpi
Additional description: The facsimiles of PPar were executed by hand, in large part before the death of Letronne (1848).
Rights: Public domain
Appears in Collections:Greco-Roman astronomical inscriptions

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