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Incels: Inside the World of Involuntary Celibates

Other Titles: Misogyny, Violence, and Violent Extremism
Authors: Woodward, Alexandra
Gironda, Mariapaola
Silverberg, Rayme
Vargas, Christie
Wozniak, Christopher
Altier, Mary Beth
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: In Fall 2021 under the guidance of Dr. Mary Beth Altier, NYU’s Center for Global Affairs collaborated with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office to conduct research and create reports on the relationship between misogyny and violent extremism. Using primary research along with interviewing experts and practitioners, the NYU team identified a link between misogyny and violent extremist groups. The project also offered a deep look into some members of the incel community as a case study on when misogyny might turn to societal violence. The two infographic-based reports, Misogyny, Violence, & Violent Extremism and Incels: Inside the World of Involuntary Celibates, were later incorporated into the training library and the continuing legal education program for investigators at the District Attorney’s office.
Rights: Copyright 2022
Appears in Collections:NYU SPS Capstone Spotlight 2021-2022

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