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The Bright Side: Ergodicity and Writing Beyond the Margins

Authors: Reames, David
Burns, William
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: My capstone project, The Bright Side: Ergodicity and Writing Beyond the Margins, serves ostensibly as a critical introduction to my novel The Bright Side. As such, it places the novel in the tradition of ergodic and metaliterature—that is, a tradition of intertextuality, unreliable narration and self-reflexivity. The Bright Side will require of the reader non-trivial effort to traverse the text beyond mere eye movement and the turning of pages. Consistent with the tradition within which my capstone project places my novel, the project itself becomes more than a critical introduction—it becomes ineluctably and ineradicably rooted in the narrative itself.
Rights: Copyright 2022
Appears in Collections:NYU SPS Capstone Spotlight 2021-2022

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