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The Cost Effectiveness of Implementing Monitoring Technologies in Livestock Management

Authors: Corrente Teixeira, Gustavo
Otero, Jose F
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: Technology is becoming more present in the current agribusiness industry. Although it is not the field’s end product, the need for a well-rounded information systems environment comes with the urge for more productivity. The automation of certain routine tasks is necessary to keep pace with the lively modern market trends. This study aims to build a solid example of an implementation of one monitoring technology, focused on livestock management, that would promote this niche’s need to follow some of those market trends. Brazil, a global agricultural power and ruler, faces two significant challenges in this field: cattle theft and bovine tuberculosis. The results show that under the ongoing advancement in information systems, many agribusiness entrepreneurs, farmers, do not necessarily need to be experts in the information technology field. By trusting in experts to provide what the business needs, these two main issues can be solved, the cost is reduced, and productivity is increased.
Rights: Copyright 2022
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