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Hotelier Technology Sentiment Report: Pulse Report on Tech Use Related to Operations and Guest Experience

Authors: Carver, Chloe
Kun, Cara
Moser, John
Graf, Nicolas
Bogicevic, Vanja
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: This report is the result of a collaboration between graduate students at the NYU Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality and Stayntouch, a leading hospitality technology company. Graduate students acted as consultants for Stayntouch as part of a capstone project. The pandemic had a profound impact on the hospitality industry. Given the recent changes in the industry, Stayntouch requested the creation of this report in order to provide the industry with a better understanding of trends surrounding technology use in hospitality and its effect on operations and the guest experience. The objective of this project was to gather and analyze hotelier sentiments about technology use in hotel operations. The purpose of the report was to provide hoteliers, technology vendors, and hospitality industry professionals with an understanding of hotelier sentiments regarding: the evolution of digital technology, the use of technology to combat challenges relating to staff shortages, the role of technology in personalizing service and streamlining processes, the differences in personalization using a high-touch vs high-tech model, and whether self-service guest experiences are a moment-in-time or long-term trend A survey of 525 hoteliers was conducted in October-November 2021. In the second part of the project, we conducted five interviews with hoteliers to gain further insights on the findings of the survey. We also conducted four interviews with vendors.
Rights: Copyright 2022
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