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Secuoya Books

Authors: Sandoval, Manuel
Perry, Jack
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: Secuoya Books started from a general dissatisfaction with the books currently published in Spanish, and even more, with those available in the United States. Even if it is true that great books are written and published in Spanish every year, and that due to the ubiquity of online sales it is technically always possible to import a book from any part of the world, the offer as it exists currently is not enough. Most publishers of books in Spanish concentrate their efforts in minimizing their risks, either by translating titles which have sold well in other languages, or by publishing known authors that will have a following, and thus will sell well. Also, the promotion and marketing of these books currently is lacking. The need for these books is out there. It would be absurd to argue that there is no demand for books written, or published in Spanish, when actually there is no supply to give them those books. Our proposal, thus, is not about creating a new market, but rather to add more books, so that the market that is currently out there grows to its natural capacity. For similar reasons, we are going to focus on publishing books with a literary mindset, and a special attention to their quality. There might be opportunities to publish more genre literature in Spanish, but it is not the path that we want to take. We think that readers are created by challenging literature, and so that is what we will pursue.
Rights: Copyright 2022
Appears in Collections:NYU SPS Capstone Spotlight 2021-2022

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