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A Technical Writing Handbook for Creative Writers: A Guide to Overcoming Writer’s Block

Authors: Kim, Mariel
Newhouse, Katherine
Kerr, Kristine
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: Writer’s block is a real problem that affects both novice and experienced writers. Among its many causes, there are those intrinsically linked to the writing process (Rose, 1984). The key to understanding writer’s block lies in differentiating the writing processes of fluent writers and blocked writers. Research conducting during the literature review for this capstone project shows that fluent writers tend to have skills related to strategic planning (Rose, 1984; Butch & Kitsch, 2014:), flexibility (Flower & Hayes, 1981), and audience awareness (Flower, 1979; Rahmat, 2016). These three skills are habitually used in the field of technical writing. Effective technical writers employ flexible writing processes, require writing for multiple audiences, and plan actively and accordingly (Balzotti, 2018). The digital handbook designed in this capstone project aims to equip creative writers struggling with writer's block with technical writing tools related to strategic planning, audience awareness, and flexibility. Keywords: writer’s block, creative writing, technical writing tools, fluent writers
Rights: Copyright 2022
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