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The 76ers in Virtual Reality

Authors: Cohen, Joshua
Grundleger, Amy
Johansson, Daniel
Melvin, Gaquez
Sheng, Leon
Cooper, David
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: In the Real World 76ers course, our class was approached by the Philadelphia 76ers to identify target markets for their international expansion. The 76ers had a shortlist of target countries for this project, but our team decided to take a different path. Led by our team member Gaquez Melvin’s idea, our group decided to create a market entry strategy for the virtual world. We created a multi-tiered strategy plan for the virtual expansion of the 76ers product. This included expanding content and product reach within discord communities, using their already existing mobile app to enrich the 76ers experience, and creating an entirely new virtual reality platform. In our VR space, we employed outside resources to create an initial image of what the 76ers VR world would look like for the 76er fan. Additionally, we proposed ways for the club to engage with key stakeholders and partners within this space. Our project work involved exploring VR spaces with VR headset, market research, and an in-person visit to a 76ers NBA playoff game.
Rights: Copyright 2022
Appears in Collections:NYU SPS Capstone Spotlight 2021-2022

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