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The Optics of Wealth: How to Avoid Alienating the Public as a Wealthy Public Figure

Authors: Crump, Sarah
Clarke, Christina
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: Throughout this work, pop culture and public opinion of celebrity and influencer wealth, behavior, and public image are addressed. Research set out to find current public opinion of wealth, perceptions of celebrities and influencers, prior research on the topic, a historical context, and current trends in social media and pop culture. A lack of prior research on public opinion of celebrity and influencer wealth, philanthropy, and activism meant there was and still is a gap to fill in this field of knowledge. Methodology of primary research was a survey, comprising 28 questions which received 107 respondents. Responses were generally characterized by a somewhat to very negative response to celebrity and influencer wealth and extravagance, and a somewhat to very positive response to philanthropy and speaking out on social issues. Findings can be used in the future to create a code of conduct and a guide to best practices for wealthy public figures and the public relations professionals who guide them. Recommendations include decreasing frequency of public displays of conspicuous consumption, and increasing involvement in social responsibility, which includes donations to nonprofits, volunteering, and speaking out on social issues.
Rights: Copyright 2022
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