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The research interests of the current IS Group can be roughly divided into three subgroups:
  1. The Representation and Analysis of Large Data Sets. These interests include the topics of (1) database representation and manipulation, and (2) knowledge discovery and "data mining." Typical subtopics include: the organization and updating of large databases, especially those derived from a variety of sources and "platforms;" and the development of methods and algorithms for classifying and/or identifying characteristics of individuals, groups, and events (e.g., fraudulent telephone calls) from data on a large number of instances with many different attributes. Most recently, the analysis of "networked data" has received increased attention.
  2. The Economic Analysis of Markets for Information Goods and Services. These topics include the pricing of information goods and services, and the evolution of market structures (monopoly, oligopoly, competition), taking account of the special characteristics of the technologies, costs, and demands for these goods and services. Also, these studies often have significant public policy implications.
  3. Behavioral Aspects of Information Systems. These include the study of how human individuals and groups interact with information systems and technologies. Examples include (1) the formation and dynamics of "internet communities," (2) the factors that influence whether and how human decision-makers use automated decision-support systems; and (3) the dynamics of software development teams composed of individuals with different goals and areas of expertise.


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