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IOMS: Operations Management Working Papers

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Feb-2018Aggregated Information in Supply ChainsKovtun, Vladimir; Giloni, Avi; Hurvich, Clifford
12-Dec-2005Assortment Planning and Inventory Decisions Under a Locational Choice ModelGaur, Vishal; Honhon, Dorothee
Feb-2005Asymmetric Consumer Learning and Inventory CompetitionGaur, Vishal; Park, Young-Hoon
13-Oct-2008A Column Generation Algorithm for Choice-Based Network Revenue ManagementBront, Juan Jose Miranda
2005Convexity Properties and Comparative Statics for M/M/S Queues with Balking and RenegingArmony, Mor; Plambeck, Erica; Seshadri, Sridhar
Jul-2007Cost Allocation for Joint Replenishment ModelsZhang, Jiawei
19-Feb-2008Costly Enforcement of Quality Standards in Decentralized Supply ChainsSheopuri, Anshul; Zemel, Eitan
8-May-2007Duality Approaches to Economic Lot-Sizing GamesChen, Xin; Zhang, Jiawei
13-Oct-2008Dynamic Pricing for an M/M1 Make-To-Stock System with Controllable BacklogVulcano, Gustavo
15-Apr-2005Estimating Demand Uncertainty Using Judgmental ForecastsGaur, Vishal; Kesavan, Saravanan; Raman, Ananth; Fisher, Marshall L.
2007The Greed and Regret ProblemSheopuri, Anshul; Zemel, Eitan
2007A Heavy Traffic Approximation for Queues with Restricted Customer-Server MatchingsCaldentey, René A.; Kaplan, Edward H.
3-Feb-2016Impact of Exponential Smoothing on Inventory Costs in Supply ChainsHsieh, Meng-Chen; Giloni, Avi; Hurvich, Clifford
1-Mar-2019Inventory Policies and Information Sharing: An Efficient Frontier ApproachCaldentey, Rene; Giloni, Avi; Hurvich, Clifford
21-Dec-2002Linking Finance and Operations in RetailingFisher, Marshall; Gaur, Vishal; Raman, Ananth
Nov-2003Market Incompleteness and Super Value Additivity: Implications for SecuritizationGaur, Vishal; Seshadri, Sridhar; Subrahmanyam, Marti
2005Offshore & Onshore contractsSheopuri, Anshul; Zemel, Eitan
2005Staffing and Control of Large-Scale Service Systems with Multiple Customer Classes and Fully Flexible ServersGurvich, Itay; Armony, Mor; Mandelbaum, Avishai
26-Sep-2007A Stochastic Programming Duality Approach to Inventory Centralization GamesChen, Xin; Zhang, Jiawei
2005Supply Contracts with Financial HedgingCaldentey, Ren'e; Haugh, Martin B.