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Authors: Clifford, James
Warren, David S.
Keywords: relational database;entity-relationship model;intensional logic;historical databases;temporal semantics
Issue Date: Apr-1982
Publisher: Stern School of Business, New York University
Series/Report no.: IS-82-50
Abstract: The concept of an historical database is introduced as a tool for modelling the dynamic nature of some part of the real world. Just as first-order logic has been shown to be a useful formalism for expressing and understanding the underlying semantics of the relational database model, intensional logic is presented as an analogous formalism for expressing and understanding the temporal semantics involved in an historical database. The various components of the relational model, as extended to include historical relations, are discussed in terms of the model theory for the logic ILs, a variation of the logic IL formulated by Richard Montague. The modal concepts of intensional and extensional data constraints and queries are introduced and contrasted. Finally, the potential application of these ideas to the problem of Natural Language Database Querying is discussed.
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