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Economics Working Papers

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1995Access and Interconnection Pricing: How Efficient is the Efficient Component Pricing Rule?Economides, Nicholas; White, Lawrence J.
Mar-1994Accounting for Excess Zeros and Sample Selection in Poisson and Negative Binomial Regression ModelsGreene, William H.
24-Jan-2013Activism's Impact on Diversified Investors and the MarketKatz, Barbara; Owen, Joel
Apr-2008Aftermarket Power and Basic Market CompetitionCabral, Luis
1-Jan-2003Aggregate Concentration in the Global Economy: Issues and EvidenceWhite, Lawrence
19-Jan-2007Aggregate Shocks or Aggregate Information? Costly Information and Business Cycle ComovementVeldkamp, Laura; Wolfers, Justin
14-May-2008Aligning the Interests of Multiple Principals: Ownership Concentration and Profitability in China's Publicly-Traded FirmsGuthrie, Doug; Xiao, Zhixing; Wang, Junmin
Oct-2001Allocations, Adverse Selection and Cascades in IPOs Evidence from IsraelAmihud, Yakov; Hauser, Shmuel; Kirsh, Amir
8-Feb-1998Altering the Terms of Executive Stock OptionsBrenner, Menachem; Sundaram, Rangarajan K; Yermack, David
10-Jan-2012Ambiguity MeasurementIzhakian, Yehuda
7-Jan-2002An Analysis of Shareholder AgreementsChemla, Gilles; Gille, Michel; Ljungqvist, Alexander
31-Mar-2014Antitrust and the Financial Sector - with Special Attention to "Too Big to Fail"White, Lawrence J.
Dec-2002Antitrust during the Clinton Administration: An AssessmentWhite, Lawrence
15-Nov-2007Antitrust Policy and Industrial Policy: A View from the U.SWhite, Lawrence J
11-Mar-2013Are International Differences in Living Standards Really So Hard to Explain?Altman, Daniel
Jan-2007Are Sunk Costs A Barrier To Entry?Cabral, Luis M. B.; Ross, Thomas W.
2006The Asset Management Industry in Asia: Dynamics of Growth, Structure, and PerformanceWalter, Ingo; Sisli, Elif
30-Jan-2012Asset Pricing and Ambiguity: Empirical EvidenceBrenner, Menachem; Izhakian, Yehuda
19-Sep-2001Asset Pricing in a Neoclassical Model with Limited ParticipationDai, Qiang
14-May-2008Asset Pricing in a Production Economy with Chew-Dekel PreferencesClementi, Gian Luca; Campanale, Claudio; Castro, Rui