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Economics Working Papers

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-1997Asymmetric Information, Corporate Myopia and Implications for Capital Gain Tax RatesChemmanur, Thomas J; Ravid, Abraham S
16-Sep-2011Bailout Uncertainty in a Microfounded General EquilibriumModeloftheFinancial SystemIzhakian, Yehuda; Cukierman, Alex
26-Oct-1999Bank Regulation in the United States: Understanding the Lessons of the 1980s and 1990sWhite, Lawrence J.
May-2006Bargaining Over New Ideas: Rent Distribution and Stability of Innovative FirmsBaccara, Mariagiovanna; Razin, Ronny
5-Mar-2014The Basics of "Too Big to Fail"White, Lawrence J.
Feb-2002The Behavior of the Fixed Effects Estimator in Nonlinear Models,Greene, William
Mar-1993The Benefits of Franchising and Vertical Disintergration in Monopolistic Competition for Locationally Differentiated ProductsEconomides, Nicholas
Apr-2008A Bivariate Latent Class Correlated Generalized Ordered Probit Model with an Application to Modeling Observed Obesity LevelsGreene, William; N. Harris, Mark; Hollingworth, Bruce; Maitra, Pushkar
Jun-2007Breadth, Depth, and CompetitionBar-Isaac, Heski
Nov-2001Business Cycles in Emerging Economies:The Role of Interest RatesNeumeyer, Pablo A.; Perri, Fabrizio
17-Feb-2012Capital Asset Pricing Under AmbiguityIzhakian, Yehuda
Aug-1997Causes and Effects of Corporate Refocusing ProgramsBerger, Philip G.; Ofek, Eli
May-2005"Censored Data and Truncated Distributions"Greene, William
6-Nov-2013A Close Connection between the Disciplines of Industrial Organization and Finance: A Worthy Objective or a Bridge Too Far?White, Lawrence J.
7-Apr-1999Collusion via Signalling in Open Ascending Auctions with Multiple Objects and ComplementaritiesBrusco, Sandro; Lopomo, Giuseppe
Jan-1998Common Factors in Mutual Fund ReturnsElton, Edwin J.; Gruber, Martin J.; Blake, Christopher R.
Nov-2001ComovementBarberis, Nicholas; Shleifer, Andrei; Wurgler, Je rey
Nov-1997Compatibility and Market Structure for Network GoodsEconomides, Nicholas; Flyer, Fredrick
Jun-2004Competeting in Markets with Digital ConvergenceSundararajan, Arun
May-2004Competition in Wireless Telecommunications,Sundararajan, Arun