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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Dec-2006Reputational Risk and Conflicts of Interest in Banking and Finance: The Evidence So FarWalter, Ingo
15-Dec-2006Estimation of Employee Stock Option Exercise Rates and Firm Cost: MethodologyCarpenter, Jennifer N.; Stanton, Richard; Wallace, Nancy
7-Dec-2006The Spline-GARCH Model for Low Frequency Volatility and Its Global Macroeconomic CausesF. Engle, Robert; Rangel, Jose Gonzalo
5-Dec-2006Optimal Exercise of Executive Stock Options and Implications for Firm CostCarpenter, Jennifer N.; Stanton, Richard; Wallace, Nancy
Dec-2006Liquidity and Efficiency in Three Related Foreign Exchange Options MarketsBrenner, Menachem; Schreiber, Ben Z.
Dec-2006What Do Independent Directors Know?Evidence from Their TradingRavina, Enrichetta; Sapienza, Paola
26-Nov-2006The Quality of Labor Relations and UnemploymentBlanchard, Olivier; Philippon, Thomas
20-Nov-2006Optimal Mortgage DesignPiskorski, Tomasz; Tchistyi, Alexei
16-Nov-2006Mortgage TimingKoijen, Ralph S.J.; Van Hemert, Otto; Van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn
14-Nov-2006Latent Liquidity and Corporate Bond Yield SpreadsNashikkar, Amrut; Subrahmanyam, Martin
14-Nov-2006Strategic Interaction and the Co-Determination of Firms’ Financial PoliciesGabudean, Radu C.
13-Nov-2006Do Foreign Exchange Markets Still Trend?Pukthuanthong-Le, Kuntara; Levich, Richard M.; Thomas III, Lee R.
Nov-2006Family Firms, Paternalism, and Labor Relations∗Mueller, Holger M.; Philippon, Thomas
Nov-2006Latent Liquidity: A New Measure of Liquidity, with an Application to Corporate BondsMahanti, Sriketan; Nashikkar, Amrut; Subrahmanyam, Marti G.; Chacko, George
Nov-2006Family Firms, Paternalism, and Labor RelationsMueller, Holger M.; Philippon, Thomas
Nov-2006Why do Interest Rate Options Smile?DEUSKAR, PRACHI; GUPTA, ANURAG; SUBRAHMANYAM, MARTI G.
31-Oct-2006Why Has House Price Dispersion Gone Up?Van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn; Weill, Pierre-Olivier
24-Oct-2006Euler Equation ErrorsLettau, Martin; Ludvigson, Sydney C.
18-Oct-2006Do CEOs matter?Bennedsen, Morten; Perez-Gonzalez, Francisco; Wolfenzon, Daniel
11-Oct-2006Investor Information, Long-Run Risk, and the Duration of Risky Cash FlowsCroce, Mariano M.; Lettau, Martin; Ludvigson, Sydney C.
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