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Glucksman Fellowship Program Student Research Reports

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000An Assessment of the Factors Affecting the Credit Quality of Private Power DevelopersTaylor, Scott T.
9-May-2008Capital Restrictions as an Explanation of Stock Price Distortions during Argentine Financial Collapse: December 2001 ā€“ March 2002Brechner, Matias
9-May-2008Challenges Faced In Executing Leveraged Buyouts in India: The Evolution of the Growth BuyoutChokshi, Narendra
9-May-2008Common Stock PIPE Discounts and Long-Term PerformanceVerdasca, Andrew
9-May-2008Diagnosing the DVD Disappointment: A Life Cycle ViewCoplan, Judson
9-May-2008Do Management Buyouts of US Companies Demand Higher Premiums than UK Companies? Why?Nanda, Harsh
9-May-2008Does Gender Matter? A Comparative Study of Performance of American CEOsStrelcova, Jelena
9-May-2008Effect of ADR Issuance on the Liquidity of the Underlying StockQuiohilag, Ainsley
2005An Examination of Distress in the Electric Power IndustryIreland, Chris
9-May-2008An Examination of Predictors of Long-term Equity Performance After Corporate Spinoffs in the 1990sā€Ruta, Sebastian
9-May-2008An Examination of the Impact of Long-Term Growth EstimatesSwope, Matthew
9-May-2008An Examination of the Predictive Abilities of Economic Derivative MarketsMcCabe, Jennifer
9-May-2008An Examination of the Relationship between Short Selling and Corporate MalfeasanceCreutz, Douglas
9-May-2008Examining Market Reaction to Activist Investor Campaigns by Hedge FundsRyan, Joe
8-May-2008Globalization: How Successful are Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions?Faktorovich, Mark
9-May-2008Implied Volatility Skews in the Foreign Exchange Market Empirical Evidence from JPY and GBP: 1997-2002Gudhus, Keith
9-May-2008Industry Betas and Equilibrium Models: An Alternate Approach to Calculating Risk MeasuresMacNamara, Andrew
2000Internet Message Board Activity and Market Efficiency: A Case Study of the Internet Service Sector Using RagingBull.ComTumarkin, Robert M.
9-May-2008Intra-Industry Effects of Corrective Disclosures: Is Mistrust Contagious?Gonen, Ido
8-May-2008An Investigation of Economies of Scale in Microfinance InstitutionsZacharias, Joshua