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Default Recovery Rates in Credit Risk Modeling: A Review of the Literature and Empirical Evidence

Authors: Altman, Edward
Resti, Andrea
Sironi, Andrea
Keywords: credit rating;credit risk;recovery rate;default rate
Issue Date: Dec-2003
Series/Report no.: S-CDM-03-11
Abstract: Evidence from many countries in recent years suggests that collateral values and recovery rates on corporate defaults can be volatile and, moreover, that they tend to go down just when the number of defaults goes up in economic downturns. This link between recovery rates and default rates has traditionally been neglected by credit risk models, as most of them focused on default risk and adopted static loss assumptions, treating the recovery rate either as a constant parameter or as a stochastic variable independent from the probability of default. This traditional focus on default analysis has been partly reversed by the recent significant increase in the number of studies dedicated to the subject of recovery rate estimation and the relationship between default and recovery rates. This paper presents a detailed review of the way credit risk models, developed during the last thirty years, treat the recovery rate and, more specifically, its relationship with the probability of default of an obligor. Recent empirical evidence concerning this issue is also presented and discussed.
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