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CeDER Published Papers

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2004Active Feature-Value Acquisition for Classifier InductionMelville, Prem; Saar-Tsechansky, Maytal; Provost, Foster; Mooney, Raymond
2004Active Sampling for Class Probability Estimation and RankingProvost, Foster; Saar-Tsechansky, Maytal
24-Aug-2003Aggregation-Based Feature Invention and Relational Concept ClassesPerlich, Claudia; Provost, Foster
2004Are Digital Rights Valuable? Theory and Evidence from the eBook IndustrySundararajan, Arun; Oestreicher-Singer, Gal
10-Nov-2008Assessing Network Applications for Economic DevelopmentAral, Sinan; Escobari, Marcela; Nishina, Randal
May-2007Classification in Networked Data: A Toolkit and a Univariate Case StudyMcskassy, Sofus; Provost, Foster
Mar-2008Classification-Aware Hidden-Web Text Database Selection,Ipeirotis, Panagiotis; Gravano, Luis
6-Nov-2008Competition between Local and Electronic Markets: How the benefit of buying online depends on where you liveForman, Chris; Ghose, Anindya; Goldfarb, Avi
Aug-2004Confidence Bands for ROC Curves: Methods and an Empirical StudyMacskassy, Sofus; Provost, Foster
Aug-2007Data acquisition and cost-effective predictive modeling: targeting offers for electronic commerceProvost, Foster; Melville, Prem; Saar-Tsechansky, Maytal
Mar-2007Decision-centric Active Learning of Binary-Outcome ModelsSaar-Tsechansky, Maytal; Provost, Foster
5-Nov-2008The Dimensions of Reputation in Electronic MarketsGhose, Anindya; Panagiotis, Ipeirotis; Sundararajan, Arun
7-Nov-2008Discover Interesting Patterns for Investment Decision Making with GLOWER - A Genetic Learner Overlaid With Entropy ReductionDhar, Vasant; Chou, Dashin; Provost, Foster
27-Jan-2006Distribution-based aggregation for relational learning with identifier attributesPerlich, Claudia; Provost, Foster
Jan-2007Duplicate Record Detection: A SurveyElmagarmid, Ahmed; Panagiotis, Ipeirotis; Verykios, Vassilios
6-Nov-2008The Economic Impact of User-Generated and Firm-Published Online Content: Directions for Advancing the Frontiers in Electronic Commerce ResearchGhose, Anindya
Jun-2006The Economic Incentives for Sharing Security InformationGhose, Anindya; Gal-Or, Esther
Aug-2005Economical Active Feature-value Acquisition through Expected Utility EstimationMelville, Prem; Saar-Tsechansky, Maytal; Mooney, Raymond; Provost, Foster
6-Nov-2008Effect of Electronic Secondary Markets on the Supply ChainGhose, Anindya; Telang, Rahul; Krishnan, Ramayya
Aug-1998The Emerging Role of Electronic Marketplaces on the InternetBakos, Yannis