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South Asian Born-Digital NGO Reports Collection Project

South Asian Born-Digital NGO Reports Collection Project

An NYU project to identify, prioritize, archive, preserve and make discoverable and accessible to scholars curated elements of documentation from and about South Asia produced by government agencies, NGOs, think tanks, community organizations, research centers, underground groups, religious sects, political parties, women’s groups, social activists, human rights organizations, LGBTQ advocacy groups, and other content creators. These web pamphlets, online reports and documents, field notes, statistical documentation, think pieces, meeting proceedings, manifestos, party platforms, election campaign materials, activist materials, propaganda leaflets, posters and banners, etc. in the past would have been produced in print form, and could be selectively acquired by libraries to add to their research collections. But now, they are typically produced only on the web, where they are disseminated as ephemera. This kind of content is critical for historical and social science research, and to document the rise and evolution of social movements, but because the organizations themselves are often grassroots communities with little support, they devote their meager resources to their community work and creating the documentation, rather than archiving it or making it permanently accessible themselves. As a result, this is ephemeral content whose presence (and discoverability) on the web is often very unstable, unless collected and archived by the library community.

If not captured and preserved now, this material will disappear for current and future scholars. As an extension to the South Asian Studies collections at NYU Libraries, this born-digital documentation preservation project is presented as growing open-access resource for scholars everywhere.

For more information or to recommend contents for this collection, contact Aruna Magier, South Asia Librarian, NYU

Collection's Items: 1 to 20 of 254

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Aug-2011Addressing gender concerns in the microfinance institutions (development and regulation) draft bill 2011Solution Exchange for Gender Community
Jul-2017Air pollution and health in India: A review of the current evidence and opportunities for the futurePublic Health Foundation of India; Centre for Environmental Health
2017Air pollution in India: impact, policy analysis and remedial measures by governmentsSwaniti Initiative
1994Amniocentesis and sex selectionMazumdar, Vina
2018An annotated bibliography on social issues in post-war Sri Lanka with particular reference to conflict-affected northern and eastern provincesSilva, Kalinga Tudor; Herath, Dhammika; Usoof-Thowfeek, Ramila; Thomas, Nikole Joseph
2018Annual report 2017-18Akanksha Foundation
2008Archiving the nation-state in feminist praxis: a South Asian perspectiveChakravarti, Uma
Nov-2013The Armed Forces Special Powers Act: time for a renewed debate in India on human rights and national securityAmnesty International
Feb-2014Attitudes towards women's political participation: base line surveyAware Girls; Commonwealth Foundation
2017Bangladesh Jatka Marine conservation programme: case study Module 2Islam, Monirul; Mohammed, Essam Y
Mar-2015Bangladesh LGB Needs Assessment Survey ReportBoys of Bangladesh
2009Because I am a girl: the state of the girl child in India 2009Plan India
2014Being LGBT in Asia: Nepal country reportPokhrel, Adheep; Shrestha, Bharat Man; Thapa, Saurav Jung
2009Bhopal plant disaster - situation summaryPeterson, M.J.
1999Breaking stereotypes: two generations of Muslim womenHussain, Sabiha
2018Breakup of community social structures in the war-affected northern and eastern provinces in Sri LankaHerath, Dhammika
2015Bridges to justice: case study of LGBTI rights in NepalKnight, Kyle
2016Building climate resilience to Noapara town: a coastal urban centre of BangladeshAlam, Sarder Shafiqul; Alam, A.T.M. Jahangir; Rehman, M. Faisal; Rahman, Sowmen
2013Building evidence around adolescent same-sex behavior and vulnerability to HIV: report prepared [by] The Humsafar TrustHamsafar Trust
Nov-2017Building resilience to climate change MGNREGS and climate-induced droughts in SikkimKaur, Nanki; Steinbach, Dave; Agarwal, Arun; Manuel, Celie