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Title: An Investigation of Retracted Articles in the Biomedical Literature
Authors: Budd, John M
Coble, Zach
Abritis, Alison
Keywords: retraction, bibliometrics, research ethics
Issue Date: Oct-2016
Abstract: A major challenge to formal scientific communication is the retraction of published works. This study includes a detailed analysis of retracted articles in biomedical literature, including categorization of the reasons for retraction. The examination covers the years 2010-2014. Analysis also includes citations to articles retraction between 2001 and 2005. The totality of the investigation is couched within the context of communication in the biomedical sciences and, to a lesser extent, of the formulation of theories of citation.
metadata.dc.rights: Presented at ASIS&T Annual Conference, October 2016, in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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