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Temporal Causal Inference With Stochastic Audiovisual Sequences

Authors: Locke, Shannon M.
Landy, Michael S.
Keywords: multisensory integration, perception, psychophysics
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: PLoS
Citation: Locke, S. M. & Landy, M. S. (2017). PLoS One.
Description: Data and stimulus sequences described in the paper.
Rights: Locke, Shannon M. & Landy, Michael S. (2017). Temporal causal inference with stochastic audiovisual sequences. PLoS One.
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Exp1_psychometricFits.txtPsychometric function fits for Experiment 116.54 kBTextView/Open
Exp1_rawData.txtRaw data for Experiment 1792 kBTextView/Open
Exp2_rawData.txtRaw data for Experiment 2234.72 kBTextView/Open
README.txtDescription of the files2.53 kBTextView/Open
rawSequences.zipRaw stimulus sequences1.03 MBUnknownView/Open

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