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Title: Finding Truth in the Age of Misinformation: Information Literacy in Islam
Other Titles: Information Literacy in Islam
Authors: Parrott, Justin
Keywords: Islam, Information Literacy, Islamic law and jurisprudence
Issue Date: 14-May-2018
Publisher: Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research
Abstract: Information literacy is the set of skills needed in the modern age to discover, evaluate, interpret, and use information properly and truthfully. With the worldwide proliferation of misinformation on the internet, information literacy is rapidly becoming the most important human competency of the 21st century, as important as reading and writing were to previous generations. Essential components of information literacy include maintaining appropriate attitudes towards learning, assessing the authority of information providers, employing appropriate research methodologies, engaging information-sharing and scholarly communities, and utilizing the latest technology. In many ways, the scholastic tradition of Islam foreshadowed modern information literacy concepts as classical scholars prioritized ethics and manners, systematic curricular learning, and a devotion to understanding the truth of matters as they actually exist in objective reality. This article introduces readers to modern information literacy concepts, drawing parallels to their precedents in Islamic tradition.
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